SaksfifthAvenue’s Dupe dress in Shein

I have been living in dresses these days. Weather is simply perfect for dresses. And also I found a lot of amazing dresses in shein and Amazon recently. So this blog post is also going to be about sharing one such amazing dress.

It is dupe of Saksfifthavenue’s $300 dress and it is at almost 1/10th of price. Sweet, right ? This is the Shein Blue Dress that I have been rambling on about. And just look how similar It looks to the Saks fifth avenue dress

It runs perfectly true to size. I got it in my usual S size. It is great for summers and also a perfect length. And if you will open Saks fifth Avenue link I posted above, you will realize how similar this dupe one actually looks with the original one.

If you guys get to order this item and like it, definitely let me know.

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