Maxi Dresses from Shein

If there is one online shopping website I can’t get enough of, that has to be Shein. I just love this website. I have always found the best pieces on Shein. And you can never beat the price. I got some beautiful spring/summer pieces from Shein so wanted to create a blog post to link all the lovely pieces I got from Shein. So let’s go…

1. Floral dress

This is a beautiful blue maxi dress. It has got a big slit from knees to feet And has such a nice summery feel to it.

2. Ruffle Hem Dress

This is a dupe of a dress which was worth 250$ and I found it on Shein at literally quarter of that price. And I love the way it looks. It’s neck work is incredible. And fabric quality is incredible as well.

3. Floral tie neck belted dress

This dress looked a little more prettier on website according to me. The style doesnt suit my body that well. But I still like this dress and is definitely gonna keep this one.

4. Surplice floral dress

I got the same dress in different color- blue and now I have to make a tough decision of choosing which one I am gonna keep. I love both the colors so it is definitely gonna be a tough decision.

5. Mesh prom dress

I got this dress for an upcoming photoshoot and what can I say ? I am impressed by the quality of this gown. It is amazing for photoshoots, prom parties or even for some small family occasions.

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