Simple tips to keep your house clean

1. Make your bed every morning

Even though this sounds too simple to be effective, believe me it works. This habit simply gives your day a good start. No matter how busy your mornings are, making your bed will take 5 minutes at max.

2. Never sleep with a dirty sink

This next habit is one I adopted maybe 3-4 years ago or so and it’s such a gamechanger. It’s actually the first cleaning habit I ever adopted and I started to see how powerful cleaning habits could be. The simple rule is to never go to bed with a dirty sink. At the end of the day we’re so tired we just want to go upstairs, crawl into bed, and fall asleep. But if I agree to adopt the never go to bed with a dirty kitchen sink rule, it forces you to take a few minutes to go clean the kitchen sink. And, if all I do is take 5 minutes and clean the kitchen sink then it’s a win because I achieved the goal. BUT, I often find that 95% of the time it leads to me tidying the entire kitchen.

3. Learn how to let go

I just finished watching tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix and after watching that show, I have realized how important it is to let things so. Often we keep on accumulating the stuff and in no time, it becomes unmanageable. Keeping the house clean can never be possible without learning how to let things go. Start with clothes and be brave enough to let the stuff that you have not worn in past 1-2 years go. Then slowly proceed with shoes, books and other miscellaneous items of your home. I will also recommend either reading the book “ Tidying up with Marie Kondo” or watching the show on Netflix to learn more about this. It will really help you.

4. Have a cleaning routine

Nobody can ever underestimate the power of Having a routine. Thus you should definitely have a few cleaning routines that can be really helpful. It can be either vacuuming home every 3rd day or cleaning the surface of kitchen directly after cooking. If you maintain routines, house will never get dirty and then you don’t have to spend your weekend cleaning house.

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