I foresee another year of living in comfies. Nowhere to go… not much to do besides working from home. I also just feel emotionally on edge and the last thing I want to do is put on anything that remotely gives me discomfort.

Comfy Wardrobe

I definitely feel more “set” in terms of comfortable clothes for the summer because I can just throw on a dress and be done. But it’s still… very much winter here. I think we’re in for a long four-five months ahead, while we get through winter and then spring. I’m envisioning many sweatpants and sweatshirts in my future.

Links for buying

Tunic Sweatshirt | Long Sleeve Tunic | Blouse Sweatshirt

Comfy Trousers | Set of Two Trousers | Lounge Pants

Sweatshirt Set | 2 piece tie-dye comfy set | Tie-Dye pajamas set

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