Favorite Blogs that I follow

Hello all!  Happy Friday!  I am excited to lounge outside this weekend, as it looks like we are going to have a sunny weekend! Finally something other than rain and overcast skies!  What are you guys looking forward to this weekend?

I am super excited for today’s blog post! Sometimes, I still feel like a newbie blogger when I see the other people in the industry. However, all of these more established bloggers have inspired me in one way or another! Today, I am compiling my Top 10 Lifestyle Bloggers that I think all of you need to be following too!

  1. Lauren Kay Sims is easily my favorite blogger to read! She has the cutest style and encourages her readers to have a relationship with God. You can follow her on Instagram here and read her blog here!
  2. Pines and Palms is another fashion and lifestyle blog I love to read. It is run by three sisters that live in different states and stay connected through fashion and blogging! How cute! You can follow them on Instagram here or read their blog here!
  3. Alexa Leconche runs the blog She’s Glitter and Gold. She is the cutest little blogger ever and I feel like I can relate to her when I read her posts, as we have so much in common. Definitely give her Instagram a follow here and read her blog here!
  4. Kennedy Frazer of the blog, Kennedy, is another awesome blogger I love to follow. She literally has the best poolside style and I am obsessed with every bathing suit she posts! Go follow her Instagram page here and read her blog posts here!
  5. Alyson Haley is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by Alyson Haley. She travels all over the world and, as a result, she has every travel blog post that you could dream of. Everything from the most Instagrammable spots in London to a packing guide for the different places she has visited! Follow her on Instagram here or her blog here!
  6. Brittany Garcia is the person behind the blog, Kingdom of Sequins. She wears tons of bright colors and bold prints and has a personality to match! Tomorrow I will actually be starting a series inspired by one of her posts! Follow her on Instagram here or you can find her blog right here!
  7. Carly Riordan is my favorite blogger. She writes such amazing blogs and her style is impeccable. You can find her Instagram here and can find her blog here.

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  1. Sustain blog says:

    My blog is not there! (Just kidding) It’s good you have put in these blogs. Thank you 😊


    1. Thanks so much for liking post. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sustain blog says:

        You are welcome 😊


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