On my radar

It was a weird week. On Wednesday , I was thinking “how come it’s just wednesday” and on Friday , it was Ike “where did the week flew by”. Wednesday was a good day in USA. Because of all the stuff that was happening past two months, peaceful transition of leadership was looking like a distant dream but relieved that it happened.

On my Radar 01.23.2021

ONE // Amanda Gorman

If for some reason you didn’t get to watch the Inauguration live, you must watch Amanda Gorman recite the poem she wrote for the event. She is the youngest inaugural poet ever and, well, I couldn’t imagine finding someone more qualified. Her beautiful prose was exactly what the country needed to hear at this very moment.

TWO Bernie Sanders Memes

Well, if you haven’t seen this meme, then you are definitely living under the rock. This meme has been talk of the week and it is so so funny. I have seen this pic being photoshopped into every single image on internet.

ThREE// 7 Strange Questions to Help You Find Your Life’s Purpose

Anyone feeling a little…. lost? I found this article after it was referenced in a book I just finished. I went searching for the post, emailed it to myself, and was not disappointed when I finally sat down to read it. Highly, highly recommend giving it a read if you feel lost life and/or career-wise. Some of the points are a bit cheeky, but when you dig into them they make COMPLETE sense.

FOUR // Striped Shoulder Button Sweater

I just checked Loft’s new arrivals and there are so, so many cute things. I absolutely love this striped shoulder button sweater. It comes in two colorways: navy and pink (!!!) and navy and white. No surprise I’m a sucker for navy stripes, but you just can’t beat that price. 50% off right now with code “LOVE.”

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