Best meditation apps to try

Meditation is one of the best things that you can do for your body and mind. It has multiple benefits. Since 2020 due to pandemic, being stuck in house for months, not meeting friends colleagues can be mentally taxing and can cause continued anxiety.

I have been trying to make meditation a habit almost since 2019. In almost all the self help books I have read, that is the habit that every good author advises. And I have been able to do meditation for a few days but was never able to make it a daily habit. But 2020 really changed that. 2020 was a tough year for everyone. And after 2-3 months of lockdown, I realized that my mental health is really going down the gutter. That prompted me to go back to meditating. And from past few months, I have meditated at least for 5 days in each and every week.

I started out with breath on my Apple Watch but the max time you can select for is 5 minutes and no guided meditation is available and in the starting I really needed somebody to guide me. Then I started exploring different apps on meditation and really liked a few of the apps and wanted to share those here:

1. Headspace: this is definitely the most famous meditation app out there. I started out with this app and liked it. There is also a new Netflix show called “Headspace” created by this app. There is a paid version but never really tried that one. For beginners, you don’t really need the paid version.

2. Calm: I have been using this app for their amazing sleep and night sounds. This app has a really calm aura and just sets the mood right for your night routine.

3. Insight Timer : Saving the best for the last, this is definitely my favorite meditation app out there. It has both guided and unguided meditation apps available. There are multiple gurus you can follow and di meditation with them. There is also a January challenge going on in the app , through which you can join all the people live and do meditation with all of them. It is an amazing experience doing group meditation when you are new to this.

Well, these are the three meditation apps that you guys should definitely try. Let me know if you guys tried any of them. Hope you guys like them.

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