How to hang a gallery wall effortlessly

Gallery walls are something that have always intimidated me. You wont believe that i used drill for the first time in my life when I was 27. In india, getting help for such things is really easy and cheap so I never tried to learn this trick at all. But in United States, getting these tasks done by Professional person is really expensive and not something you would wanna get again and again. When we were new in United States, we once hired someone to just hang a curtain in living room and it costed us 100$ which was crazy so I knew i had to start being comfortable with this stuff. So I found hanging just single frames too easy and i enjoyed that TBH but i was always intimidated by installing gallery walls in house. But when we moved to our new house. I was really interested in getting a gallery wall in Our Office. I wanted to have some inspirational quotes up on wall. And I really enjoyed the process and ended up having two gallery walls instead of one. Ok story time is over, let’s get to details.

So for gallery wall, first of all you need photos, posters etc. The best source I would recommend is there you can find excellent posters related to any theme you are looking for and then just get those printed in wallgreens. For this gallery wall, I also found some canvas posters from Amazon.

And then I got some picture hooks, drill and a leveller from Amazon. For a lot of small frames, I also used command strips. They are simply amazing. They dont leave any spot on walls and can be used again and again.

Overall, it was a fun experience creating this gallery wall. I am excited for creating more gallery walls like this in future as well.

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