How to minimize the stress

There has been crazy things happening almost every single day. And all of this is happening in a global pandemic. We have been away from our loved ones for such a long time. And there are some days when we all get stressed. And things going on in life just became far too unmanageable. There are a few things that can really help with managing and minimizing the stress :

It’s not fun. No matter the form and no matter the cause, you know when you’re stressed because you feel it. Joy feels more out of reach than normal, and the little problems seem like completely major obstacles that you’ll never be able to find your way around. 

Sometimes, I’ll be going days at a time before I slow down, realize I’ve been off or cranky, and then it hits me…oh, I’m stressed. If you’re feeling the same way, there are some really easy ways to calm it down. You’ve got to know what works for you, and what doesn’t. When you find what works…do more of that. Here are some things that work for me (and let us know what works for you!) 

Assess the stress. If you put a spotlight on your stress (why it’s there and where it’s coming from), you can minimize its power. If you ask yourself why you’re feeling so stressed, and then ask yourself why again…and why again…you might get to the root cause of what’s actually eating you up. Assess the stress and you can weaken it. 

Remove the noise. Stress gets magnified when we’re moving too fast, our brain is too overwhelmed, and we’re getting too much information. Whenever I need to slow it all down, I put my phone away for a little bit. Getting off all the social sites, and emails, and news alerts and texts can help. You’ll feel more clear.

Get into action. We get really stressed when we’re feeling stuck. When we’re feeling stuck, we do nothing. Instead of doing nothing when you’re stressed, do something. Action can be a great antidote for whatever you’re feeling. Ask yourself, what’s the absolute smallest thing I can do to relieve some of this tension?

Journal it out. Sometimes you just need to get the stress out of your head. But also sometimes, talking about it can make it worse. Instead, journal out everything you’re feeling and why. It might give you some insight and relieve the pressure you’re feeling.

And of course, do the tiny healthy things. Like breathing, workouts, getting outside for a walk or reading a good book. These can help remind you to be present, where everything is actually totally OK.  

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