Why one line a day is the best journal ever

If there is one thing I don’t mind buying in every category possible, that one thing definitely has to be journals. I love journals. Always have and just love collecting different varieties of them. I heard about a different kind of journal just a few days ago and that is called “one line a day journal “ and it just has the perfect format. It is a 5 year memory journal.

You can start any day and add year to the entry and just write the best things that happened in the day. And I know that some people do not want to write a lot in journals and it does not come naturally to them, in that case this journal is simply the best as you don’t have to write a lot. There are a few days in which I don’t even know what to write in it and can just come up with “worked the whole day” but that’s ok. I think reading it next year when I am on that day will be fun as well.

Aside from the aesthetic look of this book, my favorite part of this journal is the simplicity of this book. And will serve as an amazing memory. I am already too excited to read this year’s entries next year and all the years to come 😊

And with valentine day coming up, this can be an amazing gift for him/her.

If you had to sum up today in one line, what would that be ?

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