iPad review and apps I am obsessed with.

Due to pandemic I didn’t buy a a lot of stuff in 2020. I genuinely had no motivation to buy anything. But i really wanted to get iPad from some time now. So when I came to know that iPad Air is getting released in November 2020, I wanted to get it as soon as possible. And I am so glad that I did. I have been using it almost regularly now.

Why I wanted to get it ?

The main reason I wanted to get it was to make my life more organized and plan the days as much as possible. I have been trying to use a physical planner for some years. But I really wanted to move to a digital planner so that I can access it anywhere I want. And I am finally doing just that and let me tell you I am obsessed.

The model I got

I got iPad Air 6. I was confused between this one and iPad Pro but went ahead with iPad Air because couldn’t justify the price difference between both as well. I also got this pencil from Amazon and it is the. Eat 23$ I spent. It works as good as Apple Pencil and is almost 20% of the price.

Links to buy


iPad Pencil

iPad case

iPad screen protector

GoodNotes app and way I use it.

GoodNotes is the best app that I have ever used for note taking and I checkout a lot of other apps on App Store. It is a paid app but totally worth the money. I am using it for managing my daily todo lists and also as a digital planner for daily, weekly and monthly goals. I bought a digital planner from Etsy at an inexpensive price and just imported it to footnotes and now using it.

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