16 things you can do instead of TV

To be honest, I do love being in front of my TV binging on my favorite show but what I dont love is being so lost in TV that I lose track of all other important things in life.

With time, I have found a lot of other things that you can do instead of watching TV when you are feeling bored and have time to spare.

I always make a conscious attempt to live a tech free life. I dont succeed every time but I genuinely try.

  1. Listen to a podcast : I and my husband do love watching television while eating our dinner but every now and then we make an effort to enjoy our dinner while listening to a podcast or even radio sometimes.
  2. Write in journal : Just have a journal and write your thoughts, successes, failures, issues. You will feel so much better after doing so.
  3. Enjoy reading a good book : Well who doesn’t love doing that. Just start reading the book you have been wanting to read from ages or read the one you can’t get enough of.
  4. Call your parents: You will feel so much better
  5. Cook something good: Cook Your favorite cuisine.
  6. Meal prep for next week :
  7. Paint for while
  8. Go to gym /find a exercise class nearby
  9. Find a good sports activity you can enjoy
  10. Go for a Walk: This is a great way to get outside. Even if it’s cold, bundle up and take a walk in your town, neighborhood, etc.
  11. Clean your house: Take everything out of your cabinets and wipe them all down, mop your floors and wipe down your baseboards, dust everything, detail your car…there’s always something you can get squeaky clean!
  12.  Enjoy Your Outdoor Space: Not ideal for those colder months, but take advantage of your outdoor space. Whether you shoot hoops in your driveway, throw the football in the yard, hang out on your patio, etc.
  13. Play a Board Game: There are so many fun games to play, even if it’s just two of you! And, don’t forget about all the great card games, too.
  14. Purge Your Closet: This always feels SO GOOD! Go through your closet, get rid of anything you don’t wear anymore and reorganize it. A decluttered closet is the best cure for not knowing what to wear in the morning.
  15. Do a Puzzle: Puzzles are great technology-free pastimes and they usually take a few nights to complete, so set one up and work on each night after dinner instead of watching TV!
  16. Go to Bed Earlier: We’re all guilty of not getting enough sleep sometimes. Turn off the screen and get the ZZZs.
    I hope you found this blog post helpful. Share the things that you do instead of watching TV.

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  1. I love this list!! Something I do is dedicate like 30mins to an hour daily to declutter one area of my space!


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