Packing Light: What’s in my makeup travel bag ?

Let’s face it. The hardest part about traveling isn’t waiting in line at customs, tiring airplane rides or jet lag… The hardest thing about traveling is how to pack everything you need but NOT packing everything you “need.” You following me here? That little voice in your head that keeps saying “but what if it rains? what if it’s cold? what if I meet a handsome stranger and he wants to take me to a fancy gala and I didn’t pack my ball gown?

  1. BB Cream/ CC Cream: These are perfect for travel. They do a handful of things at once including (usually) moisturizing, priming, protecting with SPF, and covering. I love them because they are quick and easy, and, if you choose a good one, stay on all day long. Quick, easy, and long-lasting is exactly what I want when traveling. Plus, it saves me from having to pack primer and a moisturizer with SPF. My choice:IT cosmetics CC Cream, $39
  2. Concealer: I really like the concealer/highlighter. Like the BB Cream they do two jobs for you, saving you space in your suitcase (and the more space I save, the more room for souvenirs, aka: wine, I’m going to France, people!) My choice: Maybelline Dream Lumi $8
  3. Powder: You’ll want a powder to set your face since you’ll be be out and about all day, I prefer one that will also add some extra coverage such as the Bare Minerals. My choice: bareMinerals Original  $27
  4. Blush: I suggest a blush that also has some shimmer. This way you can add some highlight to your cheek while also adding blush. Are you seeing the trend? It’s all about the multi-tasking products. My choice: Be a Bomshell in Sweet Cheeks $16
  5. Setting spray: I honestly couldn’t imagine traveling without my beloved setting spray. It not only sets my makeup for a day of touristy shenanigans, but I like to carry it with me and give my face a little spray mid-day to refresh. My choice: Urban Decay Setting Spray – Chill $27
  6. Versatile eye palette: I’m not sure about you, but I don’t plan to do any crazy purple smokey eyes when on vacation, but I do want options. I want to be able to have a simple eye and also be able to have something a little more heavy.  Look for a palette that offers a range of colors as well as a mixture of matte and shimmer. My choice: Too Faced, Naked Soft and Sexy Eye Palette $36 Too Faced also makes the Naked Basics Palette now too, which is only $27 for 6 shadows.
  7. Mascara: Only one!!? Yes, only one. Pick one that you know stays on your lashes and will lengthen as well as add volume. My choice: Maybelline Falsies $8
  8. Lip Butter/Stain: Ok, I admit, only one lip product seems a little crazy, and honestly I guarantee another lip product will end up in my bag… But the idea is to think about what you’ll want to wear when jet-setting about. A lip butter or lip stain is much more practical than brining your lipstick collection. My choice: Revlon Lip Butter (Cotton Candy) $9

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