My favorite dry shampoo

Everybody’s life is pretty busy these days. No one has the time to dedicate each day to self care as much as we want. But you gotta make a little effort in looking presentable for your office/school/ wherever you are going each day.

And out of all the activities one gotta do in order to look presentable, i feel washing your hair takes the longest. You gotta shampoo, you gotta use a conditioner and then if your hair are damaged like mine, you also have to put on a mask on it. And then if you dont have picture perfect hair, you also have to style them a bit. And all this process takes hours to complete. So you really need a fix for mid week. And that is exactly what i will be talking about today.

The solution is DRY SHAMPOO… **drum rolls everyone**

Dry shampoo (in my opinion) is the coolest invention ever. It is so quick and it gives out such amazing results.

And My favorite Dry Shampoo is Batiste Dry Shampoo. Here is the link to buy this one.

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