What I wore in my Cancun Vacay !!!

Hola Amigos, I wanted to share all the links to my dresses that I wore in Cancun.

Day 1 :

We reached hotel around 3PM and i was so tired that I took a quick nap and The moment I woke up, I got dressed to check out the beach near our hotel.

I got this cute romper from Amazon. Here is the link

Day 2:

On second Day, I wore this cute 2-piece outfit that I loved so much. It was perfect for the weather there and also I loved how cute it looked 🙂

Here is the Link

In evening, we went to a beautiful restaurant for our date night And I wore this cute blue dress. I got this beautiful dress from shein and I love the fit of this cute dress.


Link to buy here

Day 3:

On day 3, we went to Explore chichen itza and tulum. Chichen itza is one of the seven wonders of the world and tulum is a beautiful coastal city that was once home to the maya civilization and ruins was so pretty and so well maintained. I wore these comfy casual outfits on this day and loved the comfort that these provided.. ☺️

Top Link : here and Shorts Link : here

Top Link : here and Trousers Link : here

Day 4:

On this day, we did parasailing and jetski in the carribean sea and it was simply amazing. And i thought i had to put on something super comfortable and also trendy enough for photos. So i chose this cute top from shein and wore this comfy shorts also from shein.

Top Link : here

And in evening, we had scheduled photoshoot with a photographer in cancun. And i chose two outfits for that. One is from shein and another one is from amazon. Links are here below.

Day 5: this was our last full day in cancun and we chose to spend this just hanging around in amazing pools of our hotel and i wore this cute swimsuit with this cute cover up the entire day. I got this cover up from cupshe and this was the first time i got anything from cupshe and i really loved the quality of cover up and thus will definitely be buying again from this site.

Swimsuit Link: here and Coverup Link: here

I really hope you guys liked this blog post. If you did , give this post a like and also follow my blog to follow me in this journey.

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  1. Mizou says:

    Very nice photos ! And thank you for following me !


    1. Thanks so much Mizou for the feedback… And my pleasure to follow you on here

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      1. Mizou says:

        Pleasure is mine too Manika ! 😊


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