Why I stopped Buying Books And switched completely to e-books

I have always been a person who loves buying books. My house has always been filled with books. But from past two years I havent bought a single book and always choose a e-book on kindle instead. I still love the feeling of holding a physical book in my hand but I have taken a plunge of changing completely to a person who goes for kindle instead of a physical book.

Here are a few reasons for which I took this plunge :

  1. Clutter:  The #1 reason I am not buying any more books is because I do not want the physical clutter. I have hundreds of books from over the years. I reference them from time-to-time, but not as often as one would think.
  2. Price – In today’s economy, eBooks are cheaper than hard copy books. Many people are surprised that the price difference is not that much. Sometimes only a dollar or two. Why isn’t an eBook much cheaper than a hard book? Tough question. However, I will make a prediction. I believe that the Internet and new mediums will cause a split in the industry. Traditional book pieces will continue to decline in selling point, however, expanded online content, experiences, and online courses will provide more value to buyers. You will see a low end eBook market and a higher price/value online experience market.
  3. Physical Convenience – Kindles and iPads win hands down here. I love being able to carry a dozen or more books without adding any weight or physical inconvenience. When I get on a plane, sometimes I don’t know what I will be in the mood to read. With a eBook reader, I can carry as many titles as I want.
  4. Reading Across Platforms – Even though I have had a Kindle for a few years, this is something new. Amazon now has Kindle software that runs on almost every platform I own, from my Mac to my iPad to my iPhone. I find myself reading more and more across platforms. Reading a little on my iPad, some on my Mac, and even a few pages on my iPhone while waiting somewhere. Of course, the Kindle app magically syncs all the devices to the furthest page I have read.
  5. Ability to Search and Markup – I was always writing and highlighting the books I read. In fact, if you look at the older books on my shelf, you would be hard pressed to find one that does not have yellow highlighting in it. eBook’s also allow us to highlight and add notes. While maybe not quite as satisfying as using a marker, it has the distinct advantage of making my notes and markups searchable. If I am going back to look for something, I can instantly search for it, instead of flipping back through many pages.

Do you still buy hard copy books? Could eBooks replace your books in the near future?

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