A detailed Maui Itinerary

Ever since my childhood, I have heard so much about Hawaii-its beauty, its pristine nature and how it is like a untouched paradise. In the end of 2018, I and my husband were lucky enough to visit Maui which is considered as the most beautiful island in Hawaii. And the moment we reached there, I clearly understood why.

Maui is everything you dream it would be. The combination of beautiful trees everywhere, Beautiful beaches, Mountains and warm climate takes you into a parallel universe.

We spent 7 days in Maui and we got to see so much beauty in just those 7 days.

Love at first sight for sure ❤

If you ask me, I would have happily sent the entire 7 days just lying down by the beach enjoying hawaiian shaved ice in that gorgeous weather. But we did spend a lot of days exploring the major attractions of this island. Here are a few must do experiences in Maui.

Must Go Places in Maui

1. Road to Hana

I am sure you would be expecting Road to Hana on the top and yes, you are not wrong.

Road to Hana is famous for many reasons. The Road to Hana is more than just a great drive through a beautiful area of Maui. It has so many beautiful sights everywhere- waterfalls, bamboo forests, black beaches, lava tube. You just name it and that area has it 🙂

One thing that I will really advice before going on this adventure is having road to hana gypsy guide app on your phones. It is an absolute must and will totally enhance your experience. And Download it before you leave as it will be impossible to get network coverage almost the entire route.


Here is a list of stops that we took while we completed this amazing adventure

1. Twin Falls (Mile Marker 2)

This is the first stop for our road to Hana Experience.

2. Garden of Eden (Mile Markers10 and 11)

In garden of Eden, I got to see Rainbow Eucalyptus trees. And it is also amazing place to see peacocks in Maui.

3. Kaenea Peninsula (Mile Marker 16)

4. Nahiku Marketplace (Mile Marker 29)

5. Lava Tube (Mile Marker 31). This is amazing

6. Waianapanapa state park(Mile Marker 32) The best Stop. It has black sand Beach.

7. Hana (Mile Marker 34

8. Wailua Falls(Mile Marker 45)

9. Seven Sacred Pools (Mile Marker 42)

2. Haleakala National Park Sunrise

If you think all Maui has is beaches, then you are wrong, Maui has the most beautiful volcanic crater I have ever seen in my life. And you can get the best sunrise view from this volcanic crater. But there is some things that you need to remember before going there.

1. If you are planning to come here for sunrise (i.e 3 to 7 AM), you need to get vehicle pass.

You can get your vehicle pass from the following link.


2. It is cold out there. The temperature in the morning is almost 30-40 F. And handling this temperature along with strong winds is really a challenge. So, make sure to get yourself a warm jacket, gloves and cap. 🙂

Believe me, any picture can never do justice to what you can see with your naked eye 🙂

3. Best Beaches

Maui has a lot of beaches. But there are some beaches that you definitely dont wanna miss and those are

1. Makena Beach. Makena beach boasts about one of the biggest waves out there. So, if you are planning to swim in that ocean, be careful.

2. Black Rock Beach

Black Rock is at the north end of Ka’anapali Beach, and is a great place to cliff-jump into the ocean, and snorkel.

4. Whale Watching

Maui is an amazing place if you are interested in whale watching. Humpback whales are in the oceans from the months of December to May. Year after year, the humpback whales travel from cool Alaskan waters all the way to warm Hawaiian oceans for their annual winter breeding. There are a lot of companies offering whale watching tours in Maui. It is almost a 2 hour long trip and in my opinion, definitely worth it.

Things to remember

1. Dont forget to apply sunscreen every single day while you are in Maui.

2. Drink a lot of water. Equator sun can be really dehydrating.

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