My First Christmas Tree

As the title suggests, this blog post is just going to be about my christmas tree, why I got that, How i decorated that and why I love it so much.

I have been in the states for past 3 years and I have always wanted to get a christmas tree for my home. I am a Hindu and thus I have never had a christmas tree in my home before but I attended a christian school until class 10 and thus have always celebrated christmas in school and thus I have always felt a strong inclination towards this religion.

After coming back from India in November, I started searching for a good artificial tree as soon as possible. I started my search with Target and liked a lot of trees but could not find a tree that is full and still comes in my budget. I liked one or two trees in Target but then I started Looking for further trees in Amazon and Wayfair. Amazon had a lot of good economical options but I liked the one of 7.5 ft. This tree was from OasisCraft and is the most perfect Tree I could have ever find. It is perfectly broad, has lots and lots of leaves and just gives a very full and green look.

Here is tree without any ornaments
Here is final look 🙂

I got all the ornaments from Amazon and Target and they were at perfect price.

I am really happy with the way tree finally looks. And this beautiful tree has really provided me the cozy feels i wanted to get for the house this year during festive season.

I hope you guys like this blog post and Happy Holidays all of you 🙂 ❤

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