I started this series almost 2 months ago but haven’t written a lot of blog posts in this series. But here I am and I am so excited to write this. This Saturday, I had such a chill morning after so long and so glad that I had this day. Work has been crazy last couple of days but holiday season is here and It is so beautiful around here so no complains whatsoever. December is month of holiday parties and thus I spent the last week going to amazing holiday parties at mine and my husband’s workplace and it was such a gala time.

I found my favorite red lipstick after such a long time of search and i am so in love. It is my favorite lipstick brand MAC and its shade is even better than ruby woo. It is shade Lady Danger from MAC. It is more on the orange side than being just on red side.

Here is me wearing this shade.

My love for color black is definitely increasing as I am aging. I attended two holiday parties last week and I wore black to both the parties. But No I loved both the dresses equally. Do share me your opinion in comment section below.

Before signing off, I just wanted to share with you guys that I just started watching the most famous Movie series of all times-Star Wars and I am loving it so much. I am just mad that why didnt I start this series before. Is any of my readers also riding the same boat of never watching this series along with me ? Let me know. Love you all 🙂

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