End December on a great note

I cant believe that it is December. 2019 ran by so fast. Cant believe how time is passing by. Yesterday it just came to my mind that how can we end year on a great note. What are the things that we can do that can also remind us what an amazing year it was and also can remind us what goals we have set for the next year. So here are the things and stuff to do that came to my mind, so wanted to share with you guys as well. So lets go guys 🙂

  1. Write All the things you are grateful for which happened this year :– I know what you must be thinking “Manika, isnt it going to take hell lot of time” So guys hear me out. It will take you max 1-2 hours and that too only if you like to put all the emotional details on your paper like me. Most people will finish it in 1 hour. But guys you are going to feel so much better after it. It will remind you of all the amazing things and milestones of the year and will also provide a great read for 31st December.
  2. Write Goals for 2020: This is my favorite thing to do in December. The way I do it is : I divide my goals into 5 categories – Career & Money, Friends &Family, Spirituality, Recreation and Travel. And then in these 5 categories, I fill out all the stuff I want to achieve in 2020 that falls into these categories. As an example, I want to . travel
  3. Complete a letter to future self. This is what i have working on these days. I have wrote 2-3 pages but still it is not complete and there is so much i want to write . Writing letter to future self is such a therapeutic process. And it is really helpful to understand more and more about yourself.
  4. Clean your house, Clean that box that has all the mess of the world. Clearly, you don’t need to bring all this mess to 2020 with you. You will be thankful for spending an hour on this work.

Well, you should definitely try doing these things in December and I hope that this will definitely help you with your goals and ambitions for the next year 🙂

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