This is another series I have been thinking about creating on my blog from this week. Needless to say, this will not be posted on the weeks I am vacationing or did not attend work due to some other reason.


Ah!!! Mondays… monday need some help, right ? I start feeling monday blues on weekends itself, who is with me on this ?
It was really cold on Monday so I paired a very warm sweater with denim jeans. And this combination was cozy as well as comfortable.



On Tuesday, I was feeling a little fancy. So what I did was pair up a cozy sweater with my favorite black blazer. And I know what you are thinking.. Nike shoes doesn’t go well with blazer. I know .. I know, I really need to buy a good set of black boots soon.



Today, I almost wore the same kind of dress as Tuesday, just changed the color of blazer and also wore black jeans in place of Blue Jeans. I really love how graceful does blazers look in any kind of work environment.



I wanted to wear a dress on Thursday, but it was too cold on Thursday ( Seattle recently hit 1 Celsius ) so I couldn’t wear dress and had to settle for a warm sweater. But I loved this sweater look with super comfy denim jeans.

Sweater: (Black one is out of stock now, but white and green are still available)


And everybody’s favorite day is here. I wore this super cute black dress with opaque black leggings today. I really like these leggings as they are super warm and perfect for winter chilly days, I paired this up with my grey coat. I left office a little early today so i forgot to take picture in office, but i took picture the moment I reached home.


I hope you all liked this blog post. Love to you guys. 🙂
XoXo ❤

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