5 things to do when you have a terrible day

We all have terrible days sometimes. It is just an inevitable fact of life. Life never remains the same. All of us has a fair share of good and bad going on in our lives.

But there are a few things that we can do that can lift our mood whenever we are going through such rough patch.

  • Dont suppress your feelings: It’s OK to cry. It’s even OK to scream. When things are going terribly, really feeling it is the only way it will all eventually pass. So often, we turn to things that will numb what we’re going through , but this will just prolong the discomfort in the long run. So, its Ok to vent. You don’t always have to fake your emotions out.
  • Just remind yourself that “this isn’t forever” : This too shall pass. This is my favorite mantra of all times. This quote is so powerful. Whenever you are going through any sad time, just remember this quote.
  • Go for a walk, exercise or do anything that will shift your frequency: I really believe changing frequency is a very important thing in bad times. If we just keep on dwelling on all the bad things, we will just keep on putting ourselves into the well of sadness. So put on your running shoes and go to park. Do some walking. Get that adrenaline rush back into your life. That will really help taking all the stress out from your mind 🙂
  • Take a long shower : Long showers are really stress-relieving. And making yourself a nice warm shower will also help you shifting your frequency from stress to normalcy. Always add essential oils in your bath. It will help you even more.
  • Step away from Social Media for a while: We all love social media and the fun it brings into our lives. But we can’t deny all the bad effects it has on us. So, step away from it for a while. Don’t look at all the fun people are posting on Instagram every single day. Nobody is posting their real life on Social Media anyway.

Your bad day won’t be here forever. Neither will a bad week. Remember, if it weren’t for the tough times, we wouldn’t as fully appreciate the joyous ones. So get a hug from someone you love and don’t forget these reminders when your day is one of the crappy ones.

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