How to Prioritize mental health in workplace

I have noticed one thing in our day-to-day lives. Whenever we discuss about health, we always think about physical health and rarely about mental health. It is still a taboo to discuss about mental health. So, let us all pledge to break this taboo and try to discuss this stuff more openly.
In this post, I am just trying to do my part by discussing a bit about mental health. 

I work as a software engineer in USA on a work visa so I have my fair share of feeling anxious and feeling tense sometimes. I have a stressful job and I also try to give my side hustle of being a blogger a lot of my time. Sometimes, all of this does take a toll on me so I just wanted to talk to you about the stuff that does keep me sane 

And also to any other person who is going through the same, I want to say that my dear you are not alone. 

This blog post is super special because I am a very reserved person and I don’t even share a lot of my feelings and stuff with people i talk to daily 😉 . And this is the first blog post in which I am getting vulnerable and discussing some personal stuff and issues that we all face on a daily basis. So just bring on some chai and let’s begin this discussion

1. Try to meditate every time you feel low: I don’t need to explain the benefits of meditation to anyone. Anytime you feel low and feel as if things are not going the way you want to, just take break for 5 mins. Just take some heavy breaths and you will feel your tension disappear. I really like the fact that my workplace has quiet rooms and whenever i feel that I am losing control over my feelings, i take a break for 5 mins and that makes all the difference.

2. Say bye to imposter syndrome
Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon, impostorism, fraud syndrome or the impostor experience) is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent internalized fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. Having imposter sydrome is not uncommon in today’s competitive world but we need to say bye to that. We need to believe in ourselves more. There was one thing i read somewhere and that line is now glued to my memory. Let me share it here.
If you don’t believe in yourself, no-one else will.

3. Keep a gratitude journal.: Gratitude really makes a difference in our day-to-day lives. You dont need to keep a journal at your workplace, but just carry a very small notebook where you just write down all the little things you are grateful for having the job.
If you dont want to keep any journal/notebook , you can simply make some digital board on trello (I do that) and make a list for things you are garteful for. Believe me, gratitude shifts your frequency super fast.

4. Dont compare yourself to others:

I know this one is easier said than done but i cant emphasize enough on how important this is. If you are at any workplace, you will find some people who in your opinion are doing so good, achieving so much and that leads us to doubting our own potential.
In my job,I know so many people who are so fast and so efficient. And lets just talk about my blogging journey, there are multiple people who are doing so good. But instead of getting jealous from these people, i try to get inspiration from them.
And moreover, we should never compare our chapter one to someone else’s chapter 20. 

Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.

5. Learn to say no:

This can be hard for women who want to help and love to be needed, but this is one way to reduce stress in your life,” says Wade. “Resist the urge to take on someone else’s responsibility. Unless you adore coordinating office pot-lucks and it makes you feel amazing, pass up the additional responsibility.”

I really enjoyed writing this blog post. If you guys enjoyed reading it, please give this post a like. Love to all of you. If you are fighting any kind of emotional battle, just remember you are not alone.

XoXo 🙂

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