My Music Playlist of all time favorite Songs

Hello everyone, this blog post is a very chill one but the one I really wanted to write so let’s goooo

I love listening to music. I have been music fan since I was little.. I and my husband Abhinav always listen to music in our chill time and we really love it. This is the reason why I purchased bluetooth wireless speaker for home.

I wanted to share my favorite playlist here. Actually, I listen to all types of songs be it english classic songs, typical Bollywood romantic numbers or retro songs from the 70s, I love it all and what I listen to in that moment keeps on changing according to my mood.
I wanted to share my playlist but it was confusing that how would i condense my list of infinite songs into one small one so i divided them into separate categories-retro, new , party etc etc.

In this post, I am sharing the playlist that has all of my absolute favorite classic songs of all time. I was listening to this playlist today itself while finishing up this blog post while it was raining outside. It was magical and absolute bliss.

Here is the link to my youtube playlist here

In case you just want to know the names of songs that are in this playlist, they are also listed right here :
1. Sting-Fields of Gold
2. Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody
3. John Denver-Take me home
4. Queen-Dont Stop me Now
5. Coldplay-Yellow
6. John Lennon-Imagine
7. Beatles-Here comes the sun
8. Queen-Love of my life
9. Wonderful Tonight- Eric Claptan
10. Coldplay-The Scientist

If you want me to post anything else, shoot me a message or comment below.
Love you all. XoXo 🙂

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