Olympic National Park-Itinerary

Ever since i moved to Seattle in December 2016(wow its been almost 3 years 🙂 ) I wanted to visit this gorgeous place but sadly i never did. This year in September 2nd week (not an ideal time to visit a rainforest but heck it I had waited for a long time), i had my friends planned a weekend getaway to this place and we loved this place so much. However, I do recommend to dedicate at least 3 days to visit this amazing national park.

Mountains, ocean and the rainforest…To most, visiting that much natural and diverse beauty would involve three separate trips to three very different locations. But there is one National Park which has it all: Olympic National Park, in the northwestern corner of Washington State.  And Olympic National Park is beautifully laid out for a perfect weeklong car camping trip that will allow you to experience a lot that the park has to offer. In this post, I will be discussing with you guys how i made the most out of our weekend trip to this national park.

I live in Seattle, so it is almost a 3 hour drive to Olympic national park visitor center and its a beautiful road trip. Even though it was raining the whole time, but still rain didn’t stop us from having a fun time exploring this majestic and beautiful park.

Best Time for Visit

Olympic national park is wet, wet and really wet so it would be rare that you wont get to see rainfall. The best time to visit would be the summer time (June to August). Olympic NP is open year-round but some roads and attractions do close from October to May.

No matter what season you come, be prepared for rain, then cross your fingers and hope for sunny skies.


Day 1

We started our trip early in morning as we already had a limited time so wanted to make the most of it. It took us almost 4 hours to get to our first attraction-Ruby Beach.

Stop 1 – Ruby Beach
It was raining when we reached there but it was still looking pretty. Be sure to bring out tarp if you are planning to camp around this area. It is a small 0.1 mile hike from parking area.

Isn’t this place gorgeous 🙂 ❤
Want to go back to this gorgeous place 🙂

Stop 2 – Hoh Rainforest
Hoh rainforest is clearly one of the most intriguing and weirdly beautiful places i have ever seen in my life. Hoh rainforest is huge and It has 3-4 really famous hikes and they are fairly short and has impeccable beauty attached to it. We did Hall of Mosses Hike (0.8 mile) but I will also recommend doing Hoh River Trail river access (0.9 miles one way)
Some of the trees in Hoh rainforest are 20 feet tall and almost 200 years old. Trees in Hoh rainforest are 3rd tallest in USA just behind trees of Sequoia and Redwood National Park.

Just look at these tall trees. ❤

Day 2

We covered Hurricane Ridge and Crescent Lake on the second day of our trip.

Stop 1 – Hurricane Ridge
Hurricane Ridge is almost 17 miles away from Port Angeles Visitor Center. It has picturesque views and has lots of small and big hikes. From their hike, you can even view Canada’s Victoria Mountains. It is really cold up there. You may need jackets and scarfs there.

All the hikes information 🙂

Stop 2 – Lake Crescent
Lake Crescent is a picturesque site. There is a beautiful lodge just near lake called Lake Crescent Lodge. You can also book boat rides to do boating in the lake. This place was clearly my favorite in Olympic National Park as I was not expecting a lot out of it but the view was one of my favorite and just look at the clear blue water.

Have never seen water so blue ❤

Other places to visit if you have more time:
Our trip was a short one so we couldn’t cover a lot. You can go to Cape Flattery, Sol Duc Falls, Kalaloch Beach.
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