5 ways to be more inspired every single day

One Productivity blog on a monday. I know-I know you guys must be thinking what is wrong with me. I dread mondays as much as any normal human being would. But over the course of time, I have understood that dreading mondays is never a good idea and you have to accept this fact sooner or later so why not do it now.

I have figured out 5 ways that keeps me inspired and also keeps me sane everyday.
Hoping that I can help you guys by sharing these 5 ways to get inspired

1.Be as planned as possible
By being planned, I mean having a todo list always with you. Todo list has to be arranged for daily, weekly and monthly basis. Having a todo list with you is the easiest method to be productive. I have been using Panda Planner and Todoist App from past 3 months and these two have been helping me so much.Having a todo list is not enough, you also need to prioritize your list well.

2.Wake up early
Waking up early is the best thing that you can do for yourself. It is so important to realize how important is it to wake up early so that you can deal the day perfectly. I have never been a morning person but from past 1 year due to work, I have to wake up early so i have made a habit to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier to the time I have to wake up for getting ready. And I spend those 30 minutes meditating and preparing my day ahead.

3.Cut off TV Time:
In 2017 alone, an average U.S. consumer spent 238 minutes (3h 58min) daily watching TV and that is too much. That time can be spent on a lot of other good and productive things.

Don’t get me wrong. I love a good movie night like everyone else. But, if you’re feeling less than inspired I would betcha a dollar that getting off the couch and away from the T.V. screen would do you some good. Firstly, depending on what you’re watching on television, there’s a good chance it’s not anything that’s motivating you or giving you energy to get moving. Secondly, sitting around watching T.V. usually leads to more sitting around and watching. When I get home from work I find if I sit down to “be lazy” for a little bit, it almost always turns into a whole night of being lazy. Likewise, if I get home and do something productive right away, I’m more likely to be more productive the rest of the night. This means maybe watching a single 45-minute show before bed instead of a 5-hour marathon.

4. Cut off the negativity
Just cut off the negativity. Just cut it out of life. Bad relationships, Bad food, bad vibes- All gotta leave. I have noticed that many a times we are afraid to cut off ties with people who are not good for our mental health. Life is too short to be sad because of people who don’t have your best interest in their mind. Instead, spend time with your family, spend time on yourself doing the activities that you personally like and are going to make your future the way you want it to be.

5. Make time for the things that you don’t have time for
There are things that we have been wanting to do for so long but have been procrastinating because sometimes we don’t have the time to complete that task and sometimes we just don’t feel motivated enough. For me, this is reading at least two books every single month. I love reading non-fiction self development books. I feel that every single book teaches you some invaluable lessons. It is so easy to procrastinate reading a book thinking about how busy you are and how much there is to do and complete. Just promise yourself that you will give at least 1 hour to book reading every single day and show your commitment towards it.

I hope this gives you some motivation to get more inspired! What are your best tricks for getting more inspired and motivated during the day?

XoXo 🙂

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