My Ideal Sunday Routine :)

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.

I just cannot agree more with this quote. Sunday should always be used to get a head start to the coming week. A well utilized sunday makes the week go by smoothly.

Back in the day, Sunday was essentially a rest day for me. I used to waste the entire day binge watching on something, ordering food from outside, accomplishing nothing and just dreading over starting a new week. I just had to change this because I was tired of feeling so mad at myself on a monday morning because I was exhausted by watching TV all day on Sunday.

My Sunday routine is so important for the week ahead. I use my Sunday to cook, plan, read and set myself for a stress-free week. I like to use my Sunday for meal prepping, planning my days ahead and basically just to take the stress away from my week ahead. And this is the major reason I never make any fun plans on Sunday and utilize my Friday evening and Saturday for that. #nofunsunday 😛


I basically live by my planner. I like to plan every single day and thing in my life. On Sunday, I use my Panda Planner to plan all the things that I need to accomplish in the coming week. I like to assign at least 3 small goals to me for the coming week. This helps me keep accountable for the next week ahead. I also write out all the important appointments or any fun plans in my planner.

Grocery Shopping and Meal Plan

I feel deciding meals take a long amount of time. So, instead of disturbing myself daily with the question “What am I going to make/eat today”, I just take out a page and draft a meal plan for the coming week and that includes breakfast, dinner and lunch. I do that in Sunday Morning and go out for grocery shopping in afternoon. Grocery shopping also becomes very easy if you know what you are going to cook in each day. I use my Sunday evening to plan and cook some of the stuff. This really saves a lot of time and lots of money too as that keeps me from buying lunch every now and then .


There is one other thing that I always do on a Sunday and that is doing my laundry. I usually do laundry twice a week and Sunday is almost always Laundry Day and once all clothes are dried out, I take out all the outfits that I will be wearing during the week as I hate deciding my clothes in early morning. If you guys don’t do this already, you should definitely start doing this because believe me, it is going to be really helpful for you.

Self Care

Definitely, my favorite out of all the Sunday activities. Self care is so so important. You owe yourself the love that you so freely give others. I spend a huge chunk of my Sunday morning to take care of my skin (use a face mask, remove blackheads, use eye mask etc etc). I also light up a candle and just play songs in the background. Sometimes, I also like to binge watch on Netflix as I don’t watch a lot of TV on weekdays.

Journalling and Reading

Sunday is an ideal day for curling up with your favorite book. Due to my full-time job and other responsibilities, I don’t get a lot of time during the week to read a book so I use my weekends for that. I spend at least 2 hours reading some book and if it is a self-improvement book, I also like to take notes in my journal. I also spend some extra time decluttering my surroundings because sooner or later I have understood that cleaning on weekdays is 10 times harder than cleaning on weekends.

I hope this post helps anyone who is reading.
XoXo 🙂

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