Las Vegas – Much more than The Strip

Las Vegas is one city that does not require any introduction. It is one of the most famous cities in the world and I would advice every person to travel it atleast once in your life. I myself have gone to Las Vegas previously too but I got a chance to visit this place again in July 2019 and I fell in love once again with this city.
Las Vegas is famous for its Strip (Collection of Best 7-Star Hotels in the world including Venetian, Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Caesars Palace), amazing Stage Shows, Huge Casinos, Great NightClubs etc etc.

Places to visit and Activities to do in Vegas:

  • Exploring The Strip at Night.
  • Enjoy the Venetian Pool and amazing Shopping Places
  • Watch Bellagio Fountain Show
  • Take out time to watch amazing shows in Vegas(I have great suggestions written below)
  • Fremont Las Vegas and Ziplining in Las Vegas
  • Go on a day trip to Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon or Grand Canyon National Park West Rim
  • Stratosphere Las Vegas

Strip in Las Vegas is a lavish road that is loaded with all the upscale Casino Hotels. The strip has a variety of shops, complexes, casinos, restaurants. Strip has all the beautiful Hotels, amazing restaurants and much much more.

Venetian Pool:
Venetian Las Vegas is one of the most famous hotels situated at the Strip. It has a large collection of Luxury Shopping Stores, Restaurants. But the best thing about this place is the Venice Style Pool that They have on their third floor. Gondolas are also present there and you can ride them by purchasing ticket. It is an amazing experience and everyone should experience it.

Bellagio Fountain Show:
Bellagio is another amazing hotel in Las Vegas. One of the major highlight of this hotel is its fountain show. Bellagio hosts their fountain show every 30 mins from 3 PM to midnight and it is simply spectacular. Water Formations and Music they play behind it is so soothing and you would really enjoy it.

Shows in Las Vegas:
If there is one thing other than Casinos Las Vegas is famous for , that is a big collection of Shows. There is almost every genre of Shows that are present in Las vegas. Every hotel hosts some type of show in their premises. You can find all the options in Three Shows that I have personally seen in two trips in Las Vegas are : Paranormal by Frederico De Silva (Inside Ballys Hotel ), “O” by Cirque De Solail(Inside Bellagio Hotel) and Michael Jackson One by Cirque De Solail(Inside Mandalay Bay Hotel) And I will recommend all the shows. If you guys go to see even one show, you wouldnt regret it. But definitely book far in advance because seats fill up super fast.

Fremont Las Vegas:
Fremont Las Vegas is old area of Las Vegas. It is almost 20 minutes drive from The Strip Area. I would recommend to go to that area late at night because thats when this area actually looks nice. There is nothing much to explore but there is one thing you should definitely try and that is Zipline in Fremont Street. This Zipline is special because you get to see beautiful night time views of street behind you. There are two options of Ziplining present – SEATED and SUPER HERO and definitely get the second one. But there is one thing, 2nd one is much more famous so if you get the tickets at the kiosk you will get a really late ticket, so i would recommend you guys to purchase ticket online. This way, you don’t have to wait for a single minute and you will enjoy it much much more.

Day Trip to Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam Or Red Rock Canyon
LasVegas is a beautiful city but all the good things you guys can enjoy are better in night time. There is not a lot of stuff that you can enjoy in day time. But from Las Vegas, you can go to a lot of places that are just 1-2 hour drive away from Las Vegas like Grand Canyon West Rim, Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas.

Red Rock Canyon (1 hour drive from Las Vegas)
Hoover Dam (45 minute drive from Las Vegas)
Grand Canyon West Rim (1 hour 40 minutes drive from Las Vegas)

Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas
Stratosphere Tower is a unique, iconic fixture in the city of Las Vegas which is known for its amazing 360 degree views of shimmering The Strip and valley. The stratosphere tower has a revolving restaurant, observation deck and thrill rides available. Top of the World restaurant is located more than 800 feet above Las Vegas strip in the Strat Hotel, Casino the award-winning Top of the World Restaurant offers an unparalleled dining experienceStratosphere Tower, Las Vegas. It is a steakhouse so you will get really less options to eat if you are vegetarian but views from this restaurant are to die for. The restaurant is situated at 18th floor and bar is situated at 19th floor and if you cant get reservation at Restaurant, definitely go to the bar to enjoy same amazing views.

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