Welcome to My Blog

Hello all you wonderful readers. Welcome to my blog. My name is Manika and I am a Software Engineer by profession.

I Love my job because I get to contribute to a product that is used by so many people and it makes their life easy.

That was all about my academic background. The non- academic side of me is passionate about public speaking, reading, writing, dancing, painting and the list goes on. I also love interacting with people, clearly I am a talkative person :).. I just feel there is always so much to learn from conversations as you get to see a new perspective through someone’s eyes, know about new experiences, learn about things that you may have never thought otherwise. So yes, I love people and I love talking to them.. :).. 

I am excited that writing blogs will give me an opportunity to share my thoughts with you all and in return will allow me to listen/read your thoughts on various aspects of health, fitness, relationships, food, travel, fashion, make-up, dance and just overall mental and physical well being. 

Enjoy reading you all and have a wonderful day! I will see you guys in the next blog. 

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